Disney World 2016 Trip Planning Guide

Disney World 2016 Trip Planning Guide

When we think about Disney we only picture kids and tired parents running around with them. However, everyone can enjoy Disney with a little tips and tricks.

Disney is for everyone and when it comes to plan for a Disney trip, people easily gets intimidated, especially first timers. In Disney commercials it shows how people roam around carefree, riding the most amazing rides and with no worry in the world. Well, it is definitely not as easy as it looks if you do not plan ahead. However, in the end it is all worth it. As Disney is such a huge place, it is hard to pin point everything that Disney World offers. This guide will provide you the pros and cons of most places in Disney World.

  1. First let’s start by venturing if 2016 is a good year to visit?

Well, it is definitely a good year to visit Disney World as new attractions such as Seven Dwarfs Mine Train is open and the Festival of fantasy parade are open for everyone. Also for the all “crazy about Frozen” people: Escape to Arendelle, the new Frozen boat ride and an expanded area of the Norway pavilion is going to be a popular draw with huge waits. Therefore, make sure you get a FastPass+ well in advance. Also with the debut of nighttime show Rivers of Light, people will be willing to spend at least a day at Animal Kingdom. Hence, with Downtown Disney, and additions such as The Boathouse, Jock Lindsay’s Hanger Bar and so much more 2016 is going to be a very good year for everyone visiting Disney World.

  1. When to Visit?

Now that we know 2016 is a good year to visit, what time during 2016 will be our best bet? We know that Walt Disney World is crowded all year long; however, there are times when is more crowded than others (I am talking about body squishing crowd and huge wait time for attractions). If you think that during break is the best time to visit, you are wrong because everyone else thinking the same way. During break is the busiest time Walt Disney World encounters. Summer is probably worse, because of the long break, heavy crowd, hot and humid weather. If you don’t mind pulling your kids from school, then early fall, just prior to Christmas break and mid-January through early March are all good times to visit Walt Disney World. However, if you don’t mind the crowd and want to make the best out of your vacation, you should definitely visit Disney World during seasonal festivities.

  1. How Long Should You Stay?

The amount of time you should spend in Disney completely depends on the individuals. There would never be enough time to cover all the theme parks and adventures in Disney World. We recommend 6-8 days for first timers to get the hang of it, again it depends on the individual’s preference. No matter how many days you are there for, we definitely recommend Universal Orlando Resort. (Travel Tip: Don’t expect typical theme park food. Universal CityWalk® offers incredibly diverse dining options.)

  1. Where to Stay?

The first thing to determine is if you want to stay on-site or off-site. Staying off-site can provide you with the option of saving more bucks to spend on your other travel interest. However, according to previous Disney visitors, staying on-site gives you the total Disney experience. There are several packages which provide all-inclusive prices for hotels, flights, etc. For more information on all-inclusive vacation packages please visit mouse4me.com.

  1. Booking Airfare, Transportation and Disney Package:

Booking Airfare, Transportation and Disney package can be tricky as many people do not know the tips and tricks to book the cheapest flight and available discounts. The best way and stress-free way to deal with this issue is to book through a travel agent as they take care of every possible issue that one might encounter. Also finding the right travel agency can also be troubling. Therefore, it is necessary to read the testimonials and research about the travel agency before you book one. Best travel agency also takes care of your transportation needs and walks you through the process. However, if you are the kind of person who likes to manage everything on your own, I recommend you visiting Expedia and ITA software by Google for you flight requirements. There are rental car options available in Disney World and as well the option of Uber. Packages can also be booked via DisneyWorld.com; however, it can become quite overwhelming to manage everything, which is why it is easier to just let the travel agents handle the stressful situations. It really depends on the individual preference. (Travel tips: If you are staying in an on-site hotel, Disney will provide you complimentary transportation inside Walt Disney World and also to and fro from the airport).

  1. Where to eat?

There are so many options to choose from that even the sanest person can get confused. However, there is a wrong a conception of people that Disney dining is all about burgers and fast food. Disney caters numerous number of dining options. It completely depends on the individual what they would like to eat. Another thing an individual can consider is Disney Dining Plan but it might not be right for everyone. The cheapest way to eat at Disney is not to eat at Disney World. One might save a few bucks if they eat off-site or buy their own groceries.

  1. What to pack?

The most important part of the trip is packing; it is like packing for any other trip. However, you would definitely like to bring some pins for Disney Pin Trading. There are pins available for less than $1/pin compared to $10/pin at Disney World. Also, keep the weather in mind and pack accordingly. You would definitely like to carry a camera as there would be lots of memories you would like to cherish all your life.

In the end, it is all about your own experience and how you want to spend your vacation. Always chose the option you are most comfortable in. Even though vacation is supposed to give you rest from everyday life, it can be tiring as well. Therefore, plan your vacation ahead and use the tips and trick to spend the best vacation in the magical world of Walt Disney World.