Hidden Mickey

We all know that Disney imagineers are known to hide mickey in other Disney movies. It first started out as an inside joke; however, when Allen Miller first published an article in 1989 on hidden Mickeys, it was official that hidden Mickeys started to become a tradition.

Nowadays, we can spot hidden mickey almost everywhere. Such as the stone Mickey in Disneyland Toontown, Alien symbols on The Extra terrorestrial Alien Encounter in the Magic Kingdom and so many others that people have noticed in different Disney movies. However, not every single Mickey sighting is genuine hidden Mickey. If a Mickey seems very large and elaborate such as the formation of a cave or even shapes in the parks are not “hidden” per se. Therefore, they cannot be determined as hidden Mickey. Mickey should also be proportioned correctly, if the ears are too close together or too further apart, it is not considered as a hidden Mickey. We cannot come to the conclusion that everything that nearly looks like Mickey is a hidden Mickey.

Here are some examples that does not classify as Hidden Mickey.

Here are some good examples of hidden Mickey and let’s see if you can find them all Hidden-Mickey-A-Goofy-MovieHidden-Mickey-CinderellaHidden-Mickey-FrozenHidden-Mickey-HerculesHidden-Mickey-Snow-WhiteHidden-Mickey-The-Lion-KingHidden-Mickey-The-Little-MermaidHidden-Mickey-The-RescuersHidden-Mickey-Wreck-It-RalphLilo-and-Stitch-Hidden-Mickeylilo-and-stitch-show-hidden-mickeyThe-Library-Beauty-and-the-Beast


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