Why should you go to a travel agent?

We all have generated this belief in ourselves that travel agent cost more than booking online. Well, that belief is not always true.

When you plan a trip you only know about the most popular places in that specific location, it is like an iceberg phenomenon. There is so much more to a place than the most popular location. Such as visiting Paris, where the most attractive spot is the Eiffel Tower; however, there are so many places that is worth the expensive visit other than the Eiffel tower which people do not know about. To know about all the places and selecting the best is very time consuming and that is why one prefers the service of a travel agent. Travel agents are trained to know everything about a specific place and they also give insights based on their own personal experience which is not available online.

When we go online to book our travel, the online booking only shows the current deal. A travel agent is trained to know the trends of deals as prices change daily and to find the best price. If something bad happens they are there to clean up the mess as well.  According to the US News Money, one can save up to $500 to $1000 on airfare if they have the right agent.

One of the most important reasons to go to travel agent is to get the best out of your vacation. Travel agents are aware of all the promotion and exclusive deals and are ready to share the knowledge with you.

Travel agents not only save you money but also your precious time.


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